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VFam, powered by Spinning Globe,is an innovative new digital learning platform based on the concept of the traditional fam-trip, created to help the travel industry deliver a more engaging, rewarding and profitable level of training across the sector and across the globe.

The quality of staff in a tour operator or travel agency reflects on the overall quality and service levels of the company they represent. Good knowledge breeds confidence in staff and that confidence is absorbed by the consumer and can lead to increased sales, loyalty and enhance lifetime customer value. However, travel agent training hasn’t evolved for more than a decade.

Spinning Globe’s research reveals that Agents find existing read and remember formats boring and resist taking part in the training. In-house training programmes are generally expensive to produce, difficult to maintain and ineffectively designed resulting in wasted time and money for tourist authorities, tourism products, tour operators and travel agents across the industry.

VFam, the new digital learning platform, powered by Spinning Globe, is an innovative and engaging learning experience that delivers product and destination information to the travel trade, effectively and efficiently, empowering the user with knowledge that supports and invigorates the sales process.

This revolutionary approach to training allows agents to learn as they sell, visiting a destination, as they would on a traditional fam-trip, virtually from the comfort of their desk or tablet. Agents will be able join ‘hosted’ VFam’s, live webinars, or take a journey in their own time by completing VFam modules.

VFam is available to the wider travel industry including destinations, airlines, tour operators, hotels, cruise and rail companies providing agents infinite possibilities to learn about travel & tourism as a whole.

VFam > Engaging, informative and valuable digital training developed to help you sell the world.