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VFam is an innovative digital learning platform. Our unique concept is based on the traditional fam-trip model enabling Agents to learn in a realistic and supportive sales training structure. VFam training is built by destination itinerary, which helps Agents to understand a destination in greater detail and increase sales opportunities.

VFam Training Benefits

  • Learn in a more relevant and engaging way – VFam training is structure around itineraries, which helps Agents to discover more about a destination, reducing their reliance on selling the well-trodden routes and to reduce over-tourism by distributing visitors to more regions around a country.
  • VFam includes more imagery, video, 360 video and less text than any other digital learning platform making it an easy and more beneficial platform to help increase destination and product learning
  • Less uninspiring and irrelevant paragraphs of text to read, more bite-sized, to the point, information to help increase destination and product information, enhancing the sales process
  • Available on desktop or tablet, giving flexibility on when and where learning is most conducive
  • VFam, powered by Spinning Globe, is simple and free to use. Create your login and access all of the content available on the VFam digital learning platform

VFam > Engaging, informative and valuable digital training developed to help you sell the world