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1. To deliver travel agent training that is engaging, informative and invigorates the sales process

2. To champion the travel agent - Travel Agents are huge asset to the travel trade and we recognise the value they bring to the industry and to consumers looking for guidance and advice on booking a holiday

3. To be the most engaging and rewarding choice for digital learning - VFam presents content on destinations and products in a visually dynamic format with minimal text delivering the most beneficial, informative and important insights to help Agents sell destinations more effectively

4. To make training more meaningful, relevant & useful – our concept of learning by itinerary provides infinite opportunity for destinations and products to continually add modules, encouraging and enabling agents to frequently return to VFam with the knowledge that there will be informative new content to engage with each time they visit

5. To promote Continuous Professional Development (CPD) throughout the travel industry - the more informed a travel agent is about the destinations they sell, the more valuable they will be to the company and to the consumers they serve. - CPD is a recognised and standard approach to improve the professional standing of the industry in the eyes of the consumer. - VFam aims to encourage a genuine interest in learning and training to help boost the ability of individual agents to sell effectively and earn their rewards through an increase in sales potential. - VFam provides an opportunity for agents to take a long-term outlook on developing their knowledge through shorter but more engaging content than currently exists in digital learning

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