VFam Powered by Spinning Globe

VFam is a unique and innovative new digital learning platform built on the traditional ‘fam trip’ model but created in a virtual setting. This enables agents to increase their destination knowledge in a more realistic, intuitive and helpful way.

The platform is designed to show more imagery, video, 360 virtual tours and gamification with less text to read than any other digital learning platform, whilst enforcing the key USP’s of the destination to support the sales process.

VFam is designed as a stand-alone platform or a complementary addition to your other e-learning platforms. Our revolutionary approach is unlike anything else in the market and is built to support your trade activities by giving you a new and innovative way to engage with agents.

VFam – Content

Content creation for the VFam platform is quick and seamless with the Spinning Globe team able to create a VFam in 3 days, once all of the content has been collected and supplied.

It is best to provide an itinerary which we can work from, this should be the length of the average number of night's stay in your destination for a traditional fam trip.

Each VFam consists of a certain amount of days which are broken into events and items (visits to, say, a hotel or attraction). Items are the pages that an agent sees whilst doing the training and consist of a limited amount of key selling points and USPs and either an image, video, walk-through or 360-degree video content.

Content for VFams is provided by the destination and their partners. Ensuring that we have a clear idea of what the VFam is going to look like is crucial for collecting content to make sure no time is lost waiting on partners. Most of the content can be taken from destinations media libraries and YouTube channels.

Travel Trade Research – The Statistics

The VFam sales training platform has been tested on over 100 agents across different travel agencies and tour operators with the following results.

Why VFam Is Different

Benefits for Tourist Boards

Tourist Board content is uploaded on to the Spinning Globe open platform or we can provide a white-labelled version for use in just one market or globally in multiple languages. VFam has been designed to help you achieve the following: