Helping you to navigate and sell the world

Spinning Globe is building a virtual world to help you discover more about destinations and all they have to offer. Our vision is to bring the whole world together in one easy to navigate place.

Easy to use
Simplicity is at the core of the VFam user journey, there is nothing complex about taking a virtual trip, just follow the navigation and enjoy the journey.
Places you didn’t even know you didn’t know existed
Whilst the world gets smaller in terms of accessibility it is still a vast planet and offers so many amazing travel opportunities. Our vision is to bring you content about places and things to experience that you didn’t even know existed.
Key selling points
The VFam structure has been designed to give you memorable and useful information to help you sell more of a destination. Unique selling points about places are key to help you build incredible itineraries for your customers.
Snacking content
Spinning Globe spent two years carrying out research amongst the travel trade and they told us that short, engaging sales training modules are preferred. All VFams are designed to be no longer than 30 minutes.
Increase sales value
VFams helps you to discover more of what destinations have to offer, enabling you to increase the value in the holiday experience for your customers whilst increasing your commission and bottom line.
Focused and engaging
VFams are designed in an itinerary format to enable tourist authorities to deliver relevant and engaging content, helping the travel trade to focus on opportunities to sell more of a destination.
Cost efficiency for tourist authorities and the wider travel industry
VFam has been developed to be a cost-efficient way of delivering unlimited content to the travel industry and works as well for national, regional or city destinations, as it does for hotels, touring products cruising, attractions, airlines, airports and beyond.
Continual Professional Development
Spinning Globe is an advocate of CPD, recognising that travel agents and tour operators can create a clear point of differentiation by demonstrating a high level of professionalism to the world at large. CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skill and proficiency throughout their careers -
Target by visitor profile and special interests
VFam content can be created covering a destination or a single hotel or attraction with the strategic ability to market against customer profiles e.g. family, couples, solo travellers, seniors, groups, LGBTQ etc. or against market sectors such as: luxury, romance, wedding & honeymoons, adventure, history & culture, wellbeing and spa, gastronomy, wildlife, photography, art, road-trips, special interest etc.
At the end of each day of a VFam you will be asked questions to help create a strong link to the journey you have just completed, and the information presented. Map based questions are used to help understand the geographic location and the proximities of each place you have visited to each other and distances for flights and road journeys. Multiple choice formats emphasise the positive about the content that has been presented by offering, for example, four correct answers and just one that is incorrect.
Content rich
VFams can be developed for any aspect of the travel industry from national, regional and city destinations to ground product including attractions, hotels, airports and carriers including airlines, cruise, car hire and beyond.
Open-source or white-label
VFam has been developed as an open-source platform for global use in any language, with destination and other content freely available to travel agents to access for sales training. Alternatively, white-label solutions can be embedded into existing training platforms for closed user groups. Please contact Spinning Globe to discuss your needs.